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all things estate!

Real ESTATE + ESTATE Planning + Probate and Administration of ESTATES

As a virtual boutique firm, our Lead Attorney, Christine Nunes, has sought to carve a niche operation in Jamaica’s legal landscape with her law suite focusing primarily on all things ESTATE - real estate (property related matters), estate planning and probate & administration of estates.

real estate

Real Estate

Real Estate is a major branch from our vantage point as it hangs a number of ‘fruits’; below we are handing you our Suite few:

Purchase and Sale of Land Involves the acquisition and disposition of land for consideration (money).

Subdivision of Property Dividing a parcel of land into a number of lots and obtaining individual titles (splinter titles) for each lot.

Love and Affection Transfer Involves the transfer of land without consideration (money); adding or removing another on Title to land.

All transfers of Land including Non-Contentious Division of Matrimonial Property There are a number of other ways land can be transferred, that is, via power of sale, by court order and agreement.

Application to Note Marriage on Title Where a registered owner on Title becomes married and has a name change; said name change as a result of marriage is noted on Title.

Application to Note Death on Title Where a Title has the registered owners endorsed as joint tenants and a joint tenant dies, the title is amended to note the death of the joint registered owner on Title.

Adverse Possession Application Having lived on property in excess of 12 years, exercising acts of possession and having the intention to dispossess the registered owner, one may claim the land as theirs with sufficient evidence.

Lost Title Applications Seeking from the Office of Titles a new title where a Duplicate Certificate of Title for land cannot be found.

Real Estate Developments Ownership of large parcel of land and wanting to profit from your bountiful proprietorship of same.

Modification or Discharge of Restrictive Covenant Undertaking the process involved with modifying or discharging restrictive covenant on title with the assistance of third parties (architects) and approval of government entities (the relevant Parish Municipality and NEPA) and obtaining an Order from the Court.

Residential and Commercial Lease Arrangements Where a registered owner wishes to lease for a period of time his/her property to another, a legal document is prepared to capture and solidify at law the arrangements between or among them.

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Estate Planning

estate planning 

Do you own anything? If yes, you have an estate.


It is all you own - from your car, home, savings account, stocks, to furniture. This area of law helps you to plan during your lifetime how your estate is dealt with while alive and even after death.


You have the control, only if you plan!


This is where we help you to create a trust and or prepare your Will. Estate planning also involves making a plan in advance for accidents, illness or other unforseen incidents that may leave you incapacitated and lacking control over your assets; a Power of Attorney is what you would require-operable only during your lifetime.


We are here to ensure your estate needs are met BEFORE DEATH.

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Probate and Administration of Estate

Estate Probate

We take care of the complete process involved in dealing with your estate AFTER DEATH whether you had a will in place or not.


If you [the Personal Representative of your loved one or friend’s estate] sought probate and administration overseas and also wishes to deal with assets in Jamaica, we will ensure all those assets are dealt with after the testator’s [person who died leaving a will] or intestate’s [person who died without a will] death.


Your family member did not leave a Will - no worries, the law of intestacy is here for the rescue, we know how it works, so ask us how.

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