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Christine Nunes Law Suite is a boutique law firm that predominantly operates from a virtual space; engaging its team members, clients and other third-party stakeholders in person, only as the need arises.


At Christine Nunes Law Suite, we have packaged our law offering to meet all the real estate needs of our prospective and existing clientele; ensuring proper estate planning and facilitating full probate and administration proceedings. We are committed to creating and sustaining the Law Suite, our clients’ boutique firm of choice. At the core is understanding and embracing our clients’ legal needs and creating sound, practical and innovative ways to accomplish them.


To create a fresh and welcoming yet luxurious legal experience, with client care and experience at the core. We want to command a digital space and leverage technology to meet the legal needs of our clientele. Our Law Suite will be ‘flavoured’ for diasporal appeal as we strive to gain trust, mutual respect and boost confidence among our overseas ‘yardies’ and international friends in entering and participating in legal transactions on our island home; establishing happy long term legal relations is a prime ingredient to maintaining Christine Nunes Law Suite.

our purpose

We all came to this earth with something within that this earth requires. It is from this viewpoint that we can safely purport that life has proven that we can’t be all things to everyone and the legal landscape is no different.

There are a myriad of branches of law but our Lead Attorney Christine Nunes has decided to take hold of a few.

OUR core values

Christine Nunes Law Suite Core Values


I am first for a reason because I am Top Priority. I am talking about QUALITY! What were you thinking?


The glue that bonds results to quality. We respect and acknowledge our responsibility to self, team, clients, colleagues, the profession and all other stakeholders we encounter.


In every area of life, our team deserves the “W”innings-“W”e prioritize the “[W]”holistic self because it translates to the real “W”[h]ealth.


Why litigate when you can mediate? The alternative method is what we recommend.

Effective CommUnication

Words are our tools! Talking and writing is what we do best. How about you? We encourage open, honest and effective communication and balance this with our confidentiality duty regarding certain information.


Whatsoever things are honest…whatsoever things are true….whatsoever things will make us sleep at nights….whatsoever things will not bring our reputation, character and the legal profession into disrepute…..these things we shall do!

ClienCare & Experience

U are an important part of Christine NUnes law SUite, therefore U matter to Us because without U Christine Nunes Law won’t be sUite.


At the forefront of it all!

Christine Nunes Law Suite logo icon


Meet the Founder

Christine Nunes, Lead Attorney

Freshly minted from Norman Manley Law School and an all-exciting and monumental stop at the Jamaican Bar in December 2015, fate would have set Christine on a path she never really knew she wanted but one she did not regret. An associate at a small law firm in Kingston (Feb 2016-Nov 2019), Christine was quickly immersed in the Civil arena of her legal career where she surfed through various waves of law-Employment Law, Civil Litigation, Probate and Administration of Estates, Family Law, Real Estate, and Intellectual Property (particularly, Defamation). While on her expedition, she had three (3) brief encounters in the Criminal arena, but quickly realised that path, she is willing to forego. Bon Voyage to the legal-ship she had been a sail for 4 years and into the faithful plunge of her own legal practice, January 2020.


Christine continued her legal journey in the Civil territories, continuing the same areas of law she had come to know in her then 4 years of being an Attorney. She quickly learned that while Attorneys are equipped to master all areas of law, should they choose to do so; if she became intentional about her Suite few, the jealous mistress (Law) will not have control.


After 3+ successful years as a sole practitioner and the undeniable growth, Lead Attorney, Christine Nunes, has now expanded and recently launched Christine Nunes Law Suite, where her 3 Suite areas of practice are Real Estate, Estate Planning and Probate and Administration of Estates.


Law is ever-changing and the world we now live in is quite interesting. Lead Attorney, Christine, acknowledges this and promises, in serving the firm’s 3 Suite picks, to deliver quality service and the best client care experience.

Christine Nunes Law Suite logo icon


Meet the Team

A true leader knows Richard Branson was right when he said, “train your team well enough so they can leave; treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”


We specially selected our team with the Law Suite’s MVP (Mission, Vision and Purpose) and CV (Core Values) in mind. But our team has been carefully selected, not just for their expertise, but for their personality!


Christine Nunes, Christine Nunes Law Suite

Christine Nunes
Lead Attorney

“I came to this Earth because there is something in me that the Earth needs; and I will not leave without giving Mother Earth and her children (my clients, students and mentees) just what they need.” ~ Christine R. Nunes Christine believes that disrupting the status quo is part of who she is, which is what influenced her to break away from the traditional idea of a law practice into a predominantly virtual one.  Fun fact: Although she is afraid of chickens, Christine loves the representation/ symbolism of the Eagle, Owl and Dove.

Sade Hall, Christine Nunes Law Suite

Sade Hall
Associate Attorney

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Jane Goodall As a newly minted Attorney with a passion for media, Sade, a former PRO of her Law School’s Student Association, is happy to be a part of a team that values her dynamic blend of legal education and skillset. Fun Fact: I am a pretty tolerant person, except lactose. I can’t stand it.

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